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[DD] Discografía Travis 320 kbps [MEGA]

 Y último pedido, el de Travis, que lo hicieron junto con el de Franz Ferdinand. Disfrutadlo =D

PASS: mulideal

(1997) Good Feeling

01. All I Want To Do Is Rock
02. U16 Girls
03. The Line Is Fine
04. Good Day To Die
05. Good Feeling
06. Midsummer Nights Dreamin’
07. Tied To The 90's
08. I Love You Anyways
09. Happy
10. More Than Us
11. Falling Down
12. Funny Thing


(1999) The Man Who

01. Writing To Reach You
02. The Fear
03. As You Are
04. Driftwood
05. The Last Laugh Of The Laughter
06. Turn
07. Why Does It Always Rain On Me
08. Luv
09. She’s So Strange
10. Slide Show


(2001) The Invisible Band

01. Sing
02. Dear Diary
03. Side
04. Pipe Dreams
05. Flowers in the Window
06. The Cage
07. Safe
08. Follow The Light
09. Last Train
10. Afterglow
11. Indefinitely
12. The Humpty Dumpty Love Song


(2003) 12 Memories

01. Quicksand
02. The Beautiful Occupation
03. Re-Offender
04. Peace The Fuck Out
05. How Many Hearts
06. Paperclips
07. Somewhere Else
08. Love Will Come Through
09. Mid-Life Krysis
10. Happy To Hang Around
11. Walking Down The Hill


(2007) The Boy with No Name

01. 3 Times & You Loose
02. Selfish Jean
03. Closer
04. Big Chair
05. Battleships
06. Eyes Wide Open
07. My Eyes
08. One Night
09. Under The Moonlight
10. Out In Space
11. Colder
12. New Amsterdam / Sailing Away


(2008) Ode to J. Smith

01. Chinese Blues
02. J. Smith
03. Something Anything
04. Long Way Down
05. Broken Mirror
06. Last Words
07. Quite Free
08. Get Up
09. Friends
10. Song To Self
11. Before You Were Young


(2013) Where You Stand (Limited Edition)

01. Mother
02. Moving
03. Reminder
04. Where You Stand
05. Warning Sign
06. Another Guy
07. A Different Room
08. New Shoes
09. On My Wall
10. Boxes
11. The Big Screen
12. Anniversary (Bonus)
13. Parallel Lines (Bonus)


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