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[DD] Discografía The Kooks 320 kbps [MEGA]

Discografía de esta banda británica de rock formada en el 2004.

ACTUALIZADO 01/02/2015

PASS: mulideal

(2006) Inside In ⁄ Inside Out

01. Seaside
02. See the world
03. Sofa song
04. Eddie's gun
05. Ooh la
06. You don't love me
07. She moves in her own way
08. Matchbox
09. Naive
10. I want you
11. If only
12. Jackie big tits
13. Time awaits
14. Got no love
15. Do You Love Me Still?

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/8b60ed2c/

(2006) Inside In ⁄ Inside Out Acoustic

01. Seaside
02. See the world
03. Sofa song
04. Eddie's gun
05. Ooh la
06. You don't love me
07. She moves in her own way
08. Matchbox
09. Naïve
10. Jackie Big Tits
11. Time Awaits
12. Eddie's Gun
13. Naïve
14. She Moves In Her Own Way
15. California

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/c4eadf6b/

(2008) Konk

CD 1 - Konk

01. See the sun
02. Always where I need to be
03. Mr. maker
04. Do you wanna
05. Gap
06. Love it all
07. Stormy weather
08. Sway
09. Shine on
10. Down to the market
11. One last time
12. Tick of time
13. All Over Town

CD 2 - Rak (Bonus)

01. Watching The Ships Roll In
02. Eaten By Your Lover
03. No Longer
04. Fa La La
05. Nothing Ever Changes
06. By My Side
07. Hatful Of Love
08. See The Sun (Alternate Version)
09. Brooklyn (Home Demo)

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/e54cdca1/

(2011) Junk Of The Heart

01. Junk of the Heart (Happy)
02. How d You Like That
03. Rosie
04. Taking Pictures Of You
05. Killing Me
06. Fuck The World Off
07. Time Above The Earth
08. Runaway
09. Is It Me
10. Petulia
11. Eskimo Kiss
12. Mr. Nice Guy
13. Good Times
14. Rosie (Live Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)
15. Picture Frame (Live Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)
16. The Saboteur - The Magic Shop, NYC (Bonus Track)
17. Carried Away (Bonus Track)

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/1f52585c/

(2014) Listen (Japanese Version)

01. Around Town
02. Forgive And Forget
03. Westside
04. See Me Now
05. It Was London
06. Bad Habit
07. Down
08. Dreams
09. Are We Electric
10. Sunrise
11. Sweet Emotion

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks

12. Murderer
13. Icons
14. Keep Your Head Up
15. Backstabber

Japanese Version Bonus Tracks

16. Hooray For Henry
17. Hold On
18. Melody Maker

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/BR85z

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