domingo, 8 de septiembre de 2013

[DD] Discografía Suicide Silence 320 kbps [MEGA]

Y una discografía-pedido del chat más, esta vez la banda de deathcore californiana Suicide Silence.

PASS: mulideal

Albums de Estudio

(2007) The Cleansing

01. Revelations (Intro)
02. Unanswered
03. Hands of a Killer
04. The Price of Beauty
05. The Fallen
06. No Pity for a Coward
07. The Disease
08. Bludgeoned to Death
09. Girl of Glass
10. In a Photograph
11. Eyes Sewn Shut
12. Green Monster
13. Destruction of a Statue
14. A Dead Current


(2009) No Time to Bleed

01. Wake Up
02. Lifted
03. Smoke
04. Something Invisible
05. No Time To Bleed
06. Suffer
07. …And Then She Bled
08. Wasted
09. Your Creations
10. Genocide
11. Disengage
12. Misleading Milligrams
13. Them Bones (Alice In Chains Cover)
14. Genocide (Extended Version)
15. Unanswered (Live)
16. Bludgeoned to Death (Live)
17. The Price of Beauty (Live)
18. No Pity for a Coward (Live)
19. Green Monster (Live)
20. Destruction of a Statue (Live)


(2011) The Black Crown

01. Slaves to Substance
02. O.C.D.
03. Human Violence
04. You Only Live Once
05. Fuck Everything
06. March to the Black Crown
07. Witness the Addiction (feat. Jonathan Davis of Korn)
08. Cross-Eyed Catastrophe
09. Smashed (feat. Frank Mullen of Suffocation)
10. The Only Thing That Sets Us Apart
11. Cancerous Skies
12. Superbeast (Rob Zombie Cover)
13. Revival of Life



(2004) Downtown Massacre

01. Distorted Thought of Addiction
02. Stand Strong
03. To Death
04. Destruction of a Statue
05. Where Angels Dare Not Tread
06. Ripped Away
07. Retribution
08. SweatpantsXcore


(2005) Suicide Silence

01. Ending Is the Beginning
02. Swarm
03. About a Plane Crash
04. Distorted Thought of Addiction
05. Destruction of a Statue


(2008) Green Monster

01. A Dead Current
02. Engine No. 9
03. No Pity for a Coward (Live)


(2009) Wake Up

01. Wake Up
02. Wake Up (Clown of Slipknot Remix)
03. Wake Up (Live @ The Galaxy)



Demo 2003

01. Soak in Tears
02. Victim of Tragedy
03. Stand Strong


Demo 2004

01. Bludgeoned to Death
02. Distorted Thought of Addiction
03. Stand Strong
04. Destruction of a Statue


Demo 2006

01. No Pity for a Coward
02. The Green Monster
03. Girl of Glass
04. A Dead Current
05. Stand Strong


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Anónimo dijo...

Podrias subir la discografia de Underoath y 10 Years tu blog es de lo mejor felicidades sigue asi.

Anónimo dijo...

Que buena banda no la conocia grax

Prahisler X dijo...

Gracias, la estaba buscando, tiene buena calidad, buen blog, espero mas bandas.

Anónimo dijo...

Tremendo aporte, se agradece ... RIP Mitch Lucker!!!

Matt dijo...

Muy completa y la máxima calidad... aunque falte el Album ''You Can't Stop Me (Special Edition)'' y el EP ''Sacred Words'' :c