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[DD] Discografía Cat Stevens/Yusuf 320 kbps [MEGA]

Aportado por Synay. Cat Stevens es un músico británico de folk rock, pop rock y rock psicodélico, publicando más tarde con su nombre, Yusuf.

ACTUALIZADO con su último álbum de 2014.

No tiene pass.

Cat Stevens

(1967) Matthew & Son

01. Matthew & Son
02. I Love My Dog
03. Here Comes My Baby
04. Bring Another Bottle Baby
05. Portobello Road
06. I've Found a Love
07. I See a Road
08. Baby Get Your Head Screwed On
09. Granny
10. When I Speak to the Flowers
11. The Tramp
12. Come on and Dance
13. Hummingbird
14. Lady
15. School Is Out
16. I'm Gonna Get Me a Gun


(1967) New Masters

01. Kitty
02. I'm So Sleepy
03. Nothern Wind
04. The Laughing Apple
05. Smash Your Heart
06. Moonstone
07. The First Cut Is The deepest
08. I'm Gonna Be King
09. Ceylon City
10. Blackness of the Night
11. Come On Baby (Shift that Log)
12. I Love Them All
13. Image Of Hell
14. Lovely City (When Do You Laugh?)
15. The View From The Top
16. Here Comes My Wife
17. It's A Super (Dupa) Life
18. Where Are You?
19. A Bad Night


(1970) Mona Bone Jakon

01. Lady D'Arbanville
02. Maybe You're Right
03. Pop Star
04. I Think I See The Light
05. Trouble
06. Mona Boe Jakon
07. I Wish, I Wish
08. Katmandu
09. Time
10. Fill My Eyes
11. Lilywhite


(1970) Tea For The Tillerman (Deluxe Edition)

CD 1

01. Where Do The Children Play
02. Hard Headed Woman
03. Wild World
04. Sad Lisa
05. Miles From Nowhere
06. But I Might Die Tonight
07. Longer Boats
08. Into White
09. On The Road To Find Out
10. Father And Son
11. Tea For The Tillerman

CD 2

01. Wild World (Demo Version)
02. Longer Boats (Live at the Torubadour)
03. Into White (Live at the Torubadour)
04. Miles From Nowhere (Demo Version)
05. Hard Headed Woman (Live in Japan)
06. Where Do The Children Play (from the Majikat Earth Tour)
07. Sad Lisa (from the Majikat Earth Tour)
08. On The Road To Find Out (Live at KCET-TV)
09. Father And Son (from Yusuf's Cafe)
10. Wild World (from Yusuf's Cafe)
11. Tea For The Tillerman (Live at the BBC)


(1971) Teaser And The Firecat (Deluxe Edition)

CD 1

01. The Wind
02. Ruby Love
03. If I Laugh
04. Changes IV
05. How Can I Tell You
06. Tuesday's Dead
07. Morning Has Broken
08. BitterBlue
09. Moonshadow
10. Peace Train

CD 2

01. Moonshadow (Live at the Troubador)
02. Ruby Love (Demo Version)
03. If I Laugh (Demo Version)
04. Changes IV (Demo Version)
05. How Can I Tell You (Demo Version)
06. Morning Has Broken (Demo Version)
07. BitterBlue (Live at Royal Albert Hall)
08. Tuesday's Dead (from Majikat Earth Tour)
09. Peace Train (Live at Royal Albert Hall)
10. The Wind (from Yusuf's Cafe)


(1972) Catch Bull At Four

01. Sitting
02. The Boy With A Moon & Star On His Head
03. Angelsea
04. Silent Sunlight
05. Can't Keep It In
06. 18th Avenue (Kansas City Nightmare)
07. Freezing Steel
08. O' Caritas
09. Sweet Scarlet
10. Ruins


(1973) Foreigner

01. Foreigner Suite
02. The Hurt
03. How Many Times
04. Later
05. 100 I Dream


(1974) Buddha And The Chocolate Box

01. Music
02. Oh Very Young
03. Sun/C79
04. Ghost Town
05. Jesus
06. Ready
07. King Of Trees
08. A Bad Penny
09. Home In The Sky


(1975) Numbers

01. Whitlestar
02. Novim's Nightmare
03. Majik Of Makijs
04. Drywood
05. Banapple Gas
06. Land O' Free Love & Goodbye
07. Jzero
08. Home
09. Monad's Anthem


(1977) Izitso

01. (Remember The Days Of The) Old Schoolyard (with Elkie Brooks)
02. Life
03. Killin' Time
04. Kypros
05. Bonfire
06. (I Never Wanted) To Be A Star
07. Crazy
08. Sweet Jamaica
09. Was Dog A Doughnut?
10. Child For A Day


(1978) Back To Earth

01. Just Another Night
02. Daytime
03. Bad Brakes
04. Randy
05. The Artist
06. Last Love Song
07. Nascimiento
08. Father
09. New York Times
10. Never



(2006) An Other Cup

01. Midday (Avoid City After Dark)
02. Heaven/Where True Love Goes
03. Maybe There's a World
04. One Day at a Time
05. When Butterflies Leave
06. In the End
07. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
08. I Think I See the Light
09. Whispers from a Spiritual Garden
10. The Beloved
11. Greenfields, Golden Sands


(2009) Roadsinger

01. Welcome Home
02. Thinking 'Bput You
03. Everything I Dream
04. The Rain
05. World O' Darkness
06. Be What You Must
07. This Glass World
08. Roadsinger
09. All Kinds of Roses
10. Dream On (Until...)
11. Shamsia


(2014) Tell 'Em I'm Gone

01. I Was Raised In Babylon
02. Big Boss Man
03. Dying To Live
04. You Are My Sunshine
05. Editing Floor Blues
06. Cat & The Dog Trap
07. Gold Digger
08. The Devil Came From Kansas
09. Tell 'Em I'm Gone
10. Doors


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Excelente aporte de este gran maestro de la musica. Muchas gracias

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Algún día la terminaré de subir xd (está en proceso [desde hace 1 año])

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Soy nuevo en este Blog y para serles sincero me gusta muchísimo. Agradezco por el aporte que hace el propietario, muy buen trabajo.

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gracias por este fabuloso contenido,lo baje mirando la final de la copa america ,nunca lo olvidare Chile campeon

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