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[DD] Discografía The Vaccines 320 kbps [MEGA]

The Vaccines es una banda británica de indie rock formada en Londres en el año 2010.

PASS: mulideal

Álbumes de Estudio

(2011) What Did You Expect from the Vaccines

01. Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)
02. If You Wanna
03. A Lack Of Understanding
04. Blow It Up
05. Westsuit
06. Norgaard
07. Post Break-Up Sex
08. Under Your Thumb
09. All In White
10. Wolf Pack
11. Family Friend


(2012) Come of Age (Deluxe Edition)

CD 1

01. No Hope
02. I Always Knew
03. Teenage Icon
04. All In Vain
05. Ghost Town
06. Aftershave Ocean
07. Weirdo
08. Bad Mood
09. Change Of Heart Pt.2
10. I Wish I Was A Girl
11. Lonely World
12. Runaway (Bonus Track)
13. Possessive (Bonus Track)
14. Misbehaviour (Bonus Track)

CD 2

01. No Hope (Live In Brighton)
02. Wreckin Bar (Ra Ra Ra) (Live In Brighton)
03. Tiger Blood (Live In Brighton)
04. A Lack Of Understanding (Live In Brighton)
05. Wetsuit (Live In Brighton)
06. Teenage Icon (Live In Brighton)
07. Under Your Thumb (Live In Brighton)
08. Post Break - Up Sex (Live In Brighton)
09. All In White (Live In Brighton)
10. Wolf Pack (Live In Brighton)
11. Weirdo (Live In Brighton)
12. Blow It Up (Live In Brighton)
13. Bad Mood (Live In Brighton)
14. If You Wanna (Live In Brighton)
15. Family Friend (Live In Brighton)
16. Why Should I Love You (Live In Brighton)
17. Norgaard (Live In Brighton)


(2013) Home Is Where The Start Is - Home Demos (2009-2012)

01. Isolation
02. If You Wanna
03. Panic Attack
04. Delicate
05. Wreckin’ The Bar
06. I Wish I Was A Girl
07. Wetsuit
08. Norgaard
09. No Hope
10. Runaway



(2011) If You Wanna

01. If You Wanna
02. It's All Good
03. Out of the Way
04. Good Guys Don't Wear White


(2011) The Vaccines

01. Post Break-Up Sex
02. Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)
03. Blow It Up


(2012) Please Please Do Not Disturb

01. The Beast In Me
02. Mannequin
03. The Winner Takes It All
04. That Summer Feeling



(2011) Live From London, England

01. Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)
02. We're Happening
03. Post Break-Up Sex
04. All In White
05. If Yu Wanna
06. Wolf Pack
07. A Lack Of Understanding
08. Wetsuit
09. Under Your Thumb
10. Blow It Up
11. Norgaard



(2010) Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra) - Blow It Up

01. Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)
02. Blow It Up


(2011) All in White

01. All in White
02. Tuck and Roll


(2011) Post Break-Up Sex

01. Post Break-Up Sex
02. We're Happening


(2011) Wetsuit =Tiger Blood

01. Wetsuit
02. Tiger Blood


(2012) No Hope

1. No Hope
2. Blow Your Mind
3. No Hope (Live in Brighton)
4. No Hope (Demo)


(2012) Teenage Icon

01. Teenage Icon
02. Panic Attack
03. Teenage Icon (Live in Brighton)
04. Teenage Icon (Demo)


(2013) Bad Mood

01. Bad Mood
02. Living Out Your Dreams Backwards
03. Bad Mood (demo)
04. Bad Mood (live in Brighton)


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