martes, 25 de febrero de 2014

[DD] Discografía The Head And The Heart 320 kbps [MEGA]

The Head and The Heart es una banda de indie folk-rock formada en Seattle, Washington, en el 2009. Una discografía cortita que pidieron hace algunas semanas.

PASS: mulideal

(2011) The Head And The Heart (Deluxe Edition)

01. Cats And Dogs
02. Coeur D'Alene
03. Ghosts
04. Down In The Valley
05. Rivers And Roads
06. Honey Come Home
07. Lost In My Mind
08. Winter Song
09. Sounds Like Hallelujah
10. Heaven Go Easy on Me
11. Chasing A Ghost (Live)
12. Josh McBride (Live)
13. Rivers And Roads (Live)


(2013) Let’s Be Still

01. Homecoming Heroes
02. Another Story
03. Springtime
04. Summertime
05. Josh McBride
06. Shake
07. Cruel
08. Let's Be Still
09. My Friends
10. 10,000 Weight In Gold
11. Fire/Fear
12. These Days Are Numbered
13. Gone


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