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[DD] Discografía Goo Goo Dolls 320 kbps [MEGA]

Goo Goo Dolls es una banda estadounidense de rock (sus inicios fueron punk rock), formada en 1986 en Nueva York.

PASS: mulideal

(1987) Goo Goo Dolls

1. Torn Apart
2. Messed Up
3. Livin' in a Hut
4. I'm Addicted
5. Sunshine Of Your Love
6. Hardsores
7. Hammerin' Eggs (the Metal Song)
8. Don't Fear the Reaper
9. Beat Me
10. Scream
11. Slaughterhouse
12. Different Light
13. Come on
14. Don't Beat My Ass (with a Baseball Bat)

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/Cyph

(1989) Jed

1. Out of Sight
2. Up Yours
3. No Way Out
4. 7th of Last Month
5. Love Dolls
6. Sex Maggot
7. Down on the Corner
8. Had Enough
9. Road to Salinas
10. Em Elbmuh
11. Misfortune
12. Artie
13. Gimme Shelter
14. James Dean

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/Cypi

(1990) Hold Me Up

1. Laughing
2. Just the Way You Are
3. So Outta Line
4. There You Are
5. You Know What I Mean
6. Out of the Red
7. Never Take the Place of Your Man
8. Hey
9. On Your Side
10. 22 Seconds
11. Kevin's Somg
12. Know My Name
13. Million Miles Away
14. Two Days in February

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/Cypj

(1993) Superstar Car Wash

1. Fallin' Down
2. Lucky Star
3. Cuz You're Gone
4. Don't Worry
5. Girl Right Next to Me
6. Domino
7. We Are the Normal
8. String of Lies
9. Another Second Time Around
10. Stop the World
11. Already There
12. On the Lie
13. Close Your Eyes
14. So Far Away

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/Cypk

(1995) A Boy Named Goo

1. Long Way Down
2. Burnin' Up
3. Naked
4. Flat Top
5. Impersonality
6. Name
7. Only One
8. Somethin' Bad
9. Ain't That Unusual
10. So Long
11. Eyes Wide Open
12. Disconnected
13. Slave Girl

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/Cypl

(1998) Dizzy Up The Girl

1. Dizzy
2. Slide
3. Broadway
4. January Friend
5. Black Balloon
6. Bullet Proof
7. Amigone
8. All Eyes on Me
9. Full Forever
10. Acoustic #3
11. Iris
12. Extra Pale
13. Hate This Place
14. Name
15. Slave Girl

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/Cypm

(2002) Gutterflower

1. Big Machine
2. Think About Me
3. Here Is Gone
4. You Never Know
5. What a Scene
6. Up Up Up
7. It's Over
8. Sympathy
9. What Do You Need?
10. Smash
11. Tucked Away
12. Truth Is a Whisper

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/Cypn

(2006) Let Love In

1. Stay with You
2. Let Love in
3. Feel the Silence
4. Better Days
5. Without You Here
6. Listen
7. Give a Little Bit
8. Can't Let It Go
9. We'll Be Here (When You're Gone)
10. Strange Love
11. Become

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/Cypo

(2010) Something For The Rest Of Us

1. Sweetest Lie   
2. As I Am
3. Home
4. Notbroken
5. One Night
6. Nothing Is Real
7. Now I Hear
8. Still Your Song
9. Something for the Rest of Us
10. Say You're Free
11. Hey Ya'
12. Soldier

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/Cypp

(2010) Waiting For The Rest Of It [EP]

1. Home
2. Sweetest Lie
3. Now I Hear
4. Still Your Song
5. Broadway (Live)

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/Cypq

(2013) Magnetic

1. Rebel Beat
2. When the World Breaks Your Heart
3. Slow It Down
4. Caught in the Storm
5. Bringing on the Light
6. Come to Me
7. More of You
8. Bulletproofangel
9. Last Hot Night
10. Happiest of Days
11. Keep the Car Running

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/Cypr

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Se agradece!!!! Me encantan y los esperaba... Excelente BLOG!!

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Hola, no se puede descargar el disco Something For The Rest Of Us (2010), sale que hay un error

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Muchas gracias por los discos, difícilmente pude hallar los discos en otras páginas pero esta contiene todas, excelente blog!

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Se ve buena la pagina, primera vez que entro, buenas bandas pero la mas actualizada es livenumetal

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