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[DD] Discografía Supergrass 320 kbps [MEGA]

Supergrass fue una banda de rock alternativo y brit-pop inglesa, formada en Oxford, Reino Unido en 1993.

PASS: mulideal

(1995) I Should Coco

01. I'd Like to Know
02. Caught by the Fuzz
03. Mansize Rooster
04. Alright
05. Lose It
06. Lenny
07. Strange Ones
08. Sitting Up Straight
09. She's So Loose
10. We're Not Supposed To
11. Time
12. Sofa (Of My Lethargy)
13. Time to Go


(1997) In It for the Money

01. In It For the Money
02. Richard III
03. Tonight
04. Late in the Day
05. G-Song
06. Sun hits the sky
07. Going Out
08. It's not me
09. Cheapskate
10. You Can See Me
11. Hollow Little Reign
12. Sometimes I Make You Sad

Bonus CD

01. Caught by the fuzz (acoustic)
02. Sitting up straight
03. Melanie Davis
04. Odd?
05. Wait for the sun
06. Mothing more's gonna get in my way
07. Sex
08. 20ft halo
09. Je suis votre papa sucre


(1999) Supergrass

01. Moving
02. Your Love
03. What Went Wrong (In Your Head)
04. Beautiful People
05. Shotover Hill
06. Eon
07. Mary
08. Jesus Came From Outta Space
09. Pumping On Your Stereo
10. Born Again
11. Faraway
12. Mama & Papa


(2002) Life On Other Planets (Japan Edition)

01. Za
02. Rush Hour Soul
03. Seen The Light
04. Brecon Beacons
05. Can't Get Up
06. Evening Of The Day
07. Never Done Nothing Like That Before
08. Funniest Thing
09. Grace
10. La Song
11. Prophet 15
12. Run
13. Velvetine
14. Electric Cowboy


(2002) Live 2002

01. Seen The Light
02. Rush Hour Soul
03. Can't Get Up
04. Brecon Beacons
05. Mansize Rooster
06. Pumping On Your Stereo
07. Lenny
08. Late In The Day
09. Grace
10. Richard III
11. Sun Hits The Sky
12. Moving
13. Caught By The Fuzz
14. Seen The Light (Album Version)


(2004) Supergrass is 10. The Best of 94-04

CD 1 - Supergrass is 10. The Best of 94-04 - 320

01. Caught By The Fuzz
02. Pumping On Your Stereo
03. Alright
04. Moving
05. Richard III
06. Grace
07. Late in the Day
08. Seen the Light
09. Mansize Rooster
10. Sun Hits the Sky
11. Kiss of Life
12. Mary
13. Going Out
14. Lenny
15. Bullet
16. It's Not Me
17. Rush Hour Soul
18. Strange Ones
19. Lose It
20. Time
21. Wait For the Sun

CD 2 - Live XFM Session

01. Kiss of Life
02. Pumping on Your Stereo
03. Grace
04. Time
05. Moving
06. Late in the Day [Acoustic]
07. Wait for the Sun [Acoustic]
08. Caught by the Fuzz [Acoustic]
09. Strange Ones
10. Hollow Little Reign
11. Mansize Rooster
12. Sun Hits the Sky


(2005) Road to Rouen

01. Tales of Endurance (Parts 4, 5 & 6)
02. St. Petersburg
03. Sad Girl
04. Roxy
05. Coffee in the Pot
06. Road to Rouen
07. Kick in the Teeth
08. Low C
09. Fin


(2008) Diamond Hoo Ha (Japan Edition)

01. Diamond Hoo Ha Man
02. Bad Blood
03. Rebel In You
04. When I Needed You
05. 345
06. The Return Of...
07. Rough Knuckles
08. Ghost Of A Friend
09. Whiskey & Green Tea
10. Outside
11. Butterfly
12. Diamond Hoo Ha Man (Live)
13. Bad Blood (Live)


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