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[DD] Discografía The Used 320 kbps [MEGA]

The Used es un banda de post-hardcore, originada en Orem, Utah, Estados Unidos, en el 2001. Comercialmente, The Used ha tenido discos de oro y platino en seis países y al 2008 ha vendido más de tres millones de álbumes mundialmente.

PASS: mulideal

(2002) The Used

01. Maybe Memories
02. The taste of ink
03. Bulimic
04. Say days Ago
05. Poetic Tragedy
06. Buried myself Alive
07. A box full of sharp Objects
08. Blue and Yellow
09. Greener with the Scenery
10. Noise and Kisses
11. On my Own
12. Picces Mended
13. Choke me

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/U3kE

(2004) In Love & Death

01. Take It Away
02. I Caught Fire (In Your Eyes)
03. Let It Bleed
04. All That I`ve Got
05. Cut Up Angels
06. Listening
07. Yesterdays Feelings
08. Light With a Sharpened Edge
09. Sound Effects and Overdramatics
10. Hard to Say
11. Lunacy Fringe
12. Im a Fake

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/U3kF

(2007) Lies For The Liars

01. The Ripper
02. Pretty Handsome Awkward
03. The Bird and The Worm
04. Earthquake
05. Hospital
06. Paralyzed
07. With Me Tonight
08. Wake The Dead
09. Find a Way
10. Liar Liar (Burn in Hell)
11. Smother me

Bonus Tracks

12. Dark Days
13. Devil Beside You
14. Pain (Itunes Bonus Track)
15. Slit your own throat (bonus track)
16. Tunnel (bonus track)
17. My Pesticide

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/U3kG

(2009) Artwork

01. Blood On My Hands
02. Empty With You
03. Born To Quit
04. Kissing You Goodbye
05. Sold My Soul
06. Watered Down
07. On The Cross
08. Come Undone
09. Meant To Die
10. The Best Of Me
11. Men Are All The Same

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/U3kH

 (2013) Vulnerable (II) (Re-release)

CD 1

01. I Come Alive
02. This Fire
03. Hands and Faces
04. Put Me Out
05. Shine
06. Now That You're Dead
07. Give Me Love
08. Moving On
09. Getting Over You
10. Kiss it Goodbye
11. Hurt No One
12. Together Burning Bright

CD 2

01. Surrender
02. The Lonely
03. Machine
04. Disaster
05. I Come Alive (Revolvr and Danny Mahai Remix)
06. Hands and Faces (Bobby Alt Remix)
07. Put Me Out (Kraddy Remix)
08. I Come Alive (Acoustic)
09. Put Me Out (Acoustic)
10. Together Burning Bright (Acoustic)

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/U3kJ

(2014) Imaginary Enemy (Limited Edition)

01. Revolution
02. Cry
03. El-Oh-Vee-Ee
04. A Song to Stifle Imperial Progression (A Work in Progress)
05. Gerneration Throwaway
06. Make Believe
07. Evolution
08. Imaginary Enemy
09. Kenna Song
10. Force Without Violence
11. Overdose
12. Money Monster

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/U3kK

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