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[DD] Discografía Far East Movement 320 kbps [MEGA]

Far East Movement es un cuarteto de electro hop con base en Los Ángeles, California. Sus miembros Kev Nish, Prohgress, J-Splif y DJ Virman son de ascendencia japonesa, coreana, china y filipina. Su canción "Like a G6" llegó al número 1 del Billboard Top 100.

PASS: mulideal

(2006) Folk Music

01. Miss Intro
02. Round Round
03. Get Offa Me Feat. Trek Life
04. Holla Hey
05. Boomshake!
06. No One's Home for the Holidays
07. For the City Feat. Jin
08. Eyes Have Lie Feat. Mary Jane
09. Work
10. The Good Stuff
11. Down to Ride Feat. Black Silver
12. Make Ya Self
13. Smile Feat. Ken Oak
14. Folk Music
15. All About Me Feat. Mary Jane
16. A Moment with PK
17. Beautified Feat. Iron
18. Arm Interlude
19. Fuck the Robots
20. FM Outro
21. Western Remix

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/pXqO

(2008) Animal

01. Animal
02. Get My Money Feat. One Block Radius
03. Lowridin Feat. Wiz Khalifa and Bionik
04. Fetish
05. All Night
06. 3D Girl Feat. Bruno Mars
07. I Party Feat. IZ and DB Tonik
08. Do What I Want
09. Girls On The Dance Floor Feat. 24/8
10. Millionaire Feat. Jin The MC
11. Dance Like Michael Jackson
12. A Beautiful Day Feat. Storm
13. You’ve Got A Friend Feat. Lil Rob and Baby Bash

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/pXqP

(2010) Free Wired

01. Girls on the Dance Floor Feat. The Stereotypes
02. Like a G6 Feat. The Cataracs
03. Rocketeer Feat. Ryan Tedder
04. If I Was You (OMG) Feat. Snoop Dogg
05. She Owns the Night Feat. Mohombi
06. So What?
07. Don't Look Now Feat. Keri Hilson
08. Fighting for Air
09. White Flag Feat. Kayla Kai
10. 2gether Feat. Kanobby

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/pXqQ

(2013) Dirty Bass (Special & Deluxe Edition)

01. Dirty Bass (Feat. Tyga) (03:29)
02. Live My Life (Feat. Justin Bieber) (03:57)
03. Where The Wild Things Are (Feat. Crystal Kay) (03:42)
04. Turn Up The Love (Feat. Cover Drive) (03:15)
05. Flossy (Feat. My Name Is Kay) (03:33)
06. If I Die Tomorrow (Feat. Bill Kaulitz) (04:7)
07. Ain’t Coming Down (Feat. Sidney Samson & Matthew Koma) (03:34)
08. Candy (Feat. Pitbull) (03:58)
09. Fly With U (Feat. Cassie) (03:30)
01. Show Me Love (Feat. Alvaro) (03:51)
11. Live My Life (Party Rock Remix) (Feat. Justin Bieber & Redfoo) (04:16)
12. Little Bird (03:7)
13. Basshead (Feat. YG) (03:48)
14: Junior Caldera - Lights Out (Go Crazy) (Feat. Natalia Kills & Far East Movement) (03:10)
15. Like A G6 (Feat. The Cataracs And Dev) (03:39)
16. Rocketeer (Feat. Ryan Tedder Of One Republic) (03:32)
17. Change Your Life (Feat. Sidney Samson & Flo Rida) (03:38)
18. Lovetron (Feat. Travis Garland) (03:36)
19. For All (03:42)
20. Turn Up The Love (R3hab Remix) (Feat. Cover Drive) (04:47)
21. Bingo Players - Get Up (Rattle) (Feat. Far East Movement) (05:2)

Deluxe Edition Bonus (2012)

15. Shake Ya Rump
16. Junior Caldera - Lights Out (Go Crazy) (ft. Natalia Kills & Far East Movement)

Descarga: http://www.linkbucks.com/pXqR

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