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[DD] Discografía The Fray 320 kbps [MEGA]

The Fray es un grupo de piano/pop rock proveniente de Denver (Colorado, Estados Unidos), formado en el 2002. La banda es conocida internacionalmente por su single "Over My Head (Cable Car)" y "How to save a life", utilizada en la campaña promocional de Anatomía de Grey (Grey's Anatomy) y en los anuncios de Pascual Funciona. El sencillo "You found me" es la canción promocional de la quinta temporada de la serie Lost (Perdidos).

PASS: mulideal

Álbumes de Estudio

(2005) How To Save A Life

01. She Is
02. Over My Head (Cable Car)
03. How to Save a Life
04. All at Once
05. Fall Away
06. Heaven Forbid
07. Look After You
08. Hundred
09. Vienna
10. Dead Wrong
11. Little House
12. "Trust Me
13. Unsaid

Bonus CD

01. Over My Head (Cable Car) (Live at the Gothic)
02. How to Save a Life (Live for &
03. Look After You (Live at Red Rocks)
04. Heaven Forbid (Live at Red Rocks)


(2009) The Fray (Deluxe iTunes Edition)

01. Syndicate
02. Absolute
03. You Found Me
04. Say When
05. Never Say Never
06. Where the Story Ends
07. Enough for Now
08. Ungodly Hour
09. We Build Then We Break
10. Happiness

iTunes Deluxe Edition Bonus

11. Where the Story Ends"(Piano Version)
12. Absolute (Acoustic Version)
13. You Found Me (Acoustic Version)
14. Fair Fight
15. Uncertainty
16. Enough for Now (Acoustic Version) (Pre-order iTunes Bonus Track)

Deluxe Edition Bonus

01. Heartless (Swinghouse Session)
02. Never Say Never (Live with the London Quartet)
03. You Found Me (Live with the London Quartet)
04. Where The Story Ends (Piano Version)
05. Fair Fight (Live Version)
06. Be The One (Demo Version)
07. Uncertainty (Album Version)
08. How To Save A Life (Live From Webster Hall)


(2012) Scars & Stories (Limited Edition)

01. Heartbeat
02. The Fighter
03. Turn Me On
04. Run for Your Life
05. The Wind
06. 1961
07. I Can Barely Say
08. Munich
09. Here We Are
10. 48 to Go
11. Rainy Zurich
12. Be Still
13. Streets of Philadelphia (Acoustic)
14. The Fighter (Live)
15. You Found Me (Live)
16. How to Save a Life (Live)


(2014) Helios

01. Hold My Hand
02. Love Don't Die
03. Give It Away
04. Closer To Me
05. Hurricane
06. Keep On Wanting
07. Our Last Days
08. Break Your Plans
09. Wherever This Goes
10. Shadow And A Dancer
11. Same As You



(2002) Movement

01. Where You Want To
02. Oceans Away
03. It's For You
04. Vienna


(2007) Reason

01. Together
02. Some Trust
03. Vienna
04. Without Reason
05. City Hall
06. Oceans Away
07. Unsaid


(2009) Christmas

01. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
02. Silent Night
03. The First Noel
04. Oh Come All Ye Faithful
05. Away In A Manger



(2006) Live at the Electric Factory - Bootleg No. 1

01. How To Save A Life
02. She Is
03. All at Once
04. Chips and Salsa
05. Heaven Forbid
06. Interlude I
07. Vienna
08. Dead Wrong
09. It's Not Easy Being Skinny
10. Over My Head (Cable Car)
11. Interlude II
12. Look After You
13. Trust Me


(2006) Stipped Acoustic Set

01. Look After You
02. She Is
03. Over My Head
04. How to Save a Life
05. Elanor Rigby


(2007) Acoustic in Nashville - Bootleg No. 2

1. Look After You
2. She Is
3. Vienna
4. How To Save A Life
5. Heaven Forbid


(2009) Live From SoHo (iTunes Exclusive)

01. Absolute
02. Over My Head (Cable Car)
03. How to Save a Life
04. Enough for Now
05. You Found Me
06. Happiness


(2009) Live From The 930 Club - Bootleg No. 3

01. Say When
02. Enough For Now
03. You Found Me
04. We Build Then We Break
05. Happiness


(2009) Walmart Soundcheck

01. You Found Me
02. Never Say Never
03. Enough For Now


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